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Carol Chenot, SPHR, Director, Executive Development, ADP

“Mike is a person who lives his values! Over the past few years he has taken his passion for leading others into the coaching arena and become an exceptional coach. I have no doubt that anyone who uses his services will be engaged very profoundly. Mike listens, questions, reveals assumptions and challenges in new and different ways. It's a pleasure to recommend him as a superior service provider.”

Andrew Sherman, Finance Executive, TotalSource, ADP

“Mike was my executive coach over the course of several months. This experience was one of the most impactful in my career. Because of Mike's passion for coaching and helping others and his pleasant demeanor, I looked forward to every coaching session. Mike never let up or took a session off. He was engaged from beginning to end. He immerses himself in your story and does not forget anything you tell him from previous sessions. Mike is a master at listening and picking up on all the relevant details, said or not said. I owe him quite a bit. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike as a coach to anyone!"

Laurie Halter President, Charisma Communications

"Mike’s ultimate gift is ensuring that every aspect of a person’s life is in balance with the whole. He’s helped me accomplish goals in my company, in my marriage and in my own quest for personal fulfillment. His unique mix of keeping his client’s accountable, while lifting them up with his positive outlook, is hard to beat. I’ve seen great things happen in my life as a direct result of Mike’s interaction.”

Nancy A. daKay Financial Services, Pension Distribution Answer Group, Inc.

“Mike has been an outstanding and invaluable business and executive coach and mentor to me-------a great team member who should be included as a travelling companion during an individual's journey in the business world. As a result of his unique, varied professional and personal experiences in the corporate and small business communities, he has been able to provide me with his wisdom and insight to chart an exciting, yet challenging, transition for me and my small business during the volatile business environment of the Great Recession. I would highly recommend Mike to be included as an integral partner with the team of professionals----legal, accounting, investment, insurance, et al----advising a business entity----small or large---in its goal for achieving a successful history and reputation for serving others with excellence.”

Tim Halter Developer, Training and Development, ADP 

"My time spent in coaching sessions with Mike Curtis was invaluable. Mike helped me learn a lot about myself. I also accomplished several goals that I set, and feel like I have a good understanding of how to approach problems when I am faced with new challenges. Mike listens to what you have to say, listens to what is important to you, and reflects that information back to you in a way that promotes discussion, new perspectives and awareness. Beware though, this isn’t easy work. Coaching is not a tool that provides you the answers. What you get out of coaching depends on what you put into it, and with the help of Mike Curtis, you’ll be surprised of the outcome. The best part about coaching for me is the accountability. I made more progress with my career in three months than I had in all of my years combined in the work force. Mike helped me set realistic goals and held me accountable to make sure I achieved everything I set out to do in my career, and in life. Mike also helped me develop a new approach to building a career that had never occurred to me. Take responsibility and start paddling your own course in the river instead of simply floating along to wherever it takes you. I highly recommend you take the time and consider a coach, especially one like Mike Curtis. In my opinion, the investment is well worth it in terms of financial and personal gains that I realized. You will be surprised at just how much your life changes during the time you work with Mike Curtis."

Jane Dunkin Owner, Corner Office Northwest

"Mike is knowledgeable, easy-going, non-judgmental, and with every session nudges gently but firmly in the direction of your ultimate goals. He truly wants to see his clients succeed, and it shows. I highly recommend Mike for both career and personal coaching."

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